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Equilibrium – Renegades Review

‘Renegades’ showcases a band that doesn’t deny their roots while moving on by evolving their sound. The new album has the potential to score similar successes as the previous disc and can widen the fan base even more.

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Equilibrium – Armageddon Review

Equilibrium’s ‘Armageddon’ has shown a unique and distinct change within their career. However, their drive, mindset, and musical creations will ensure that discouragement does not exist.

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Hypersonic – Fallen Melodies

I do however enjoy their songwriting style that sits mainly in the slower paced end of the power metal genre with plenty of fluffy symphonic keyboards too. Combine that with the fact that most of the choruses on the album are extremely melodic and it starts to become clear what the appeal is…

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Steel Tormentor – Return Of A King

STEEL TORMENTOR follow on where bands like IRON MAIDEN, DIO, JUDAS PRIEST and many others left their mark at the beginnings of the new wave of metal back in the day, and while a lot of bands have tried to do a similar thing, not very many of them have the finesse and obvious love for their subject matter as what STEEL TORMENTOR does…