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Best Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 2016 Myglobalmind Staff Picks

Another hard rocking year has come to pass and that means more great music has come and gone in 2016. The best part for us writers who get the privilege to listen to a boatload of great music every year is introducing you to our favorite albums throughout the year. This year our staff of writers is sharing […]

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Interview with Tom S. Englund , vocalist Evergrey

“In the world it’s ugly to be weak. That’s how we’re raised; don’t be weak, stand up boy, don’t cry!” Adrian Hextall talks to Tom Englund about the impact of the new Evergrey album.


Interview with Matt Marinelli (Guitars & Vocals) (Borealis)

The elements, let’s say with our new album Purgatory, it is a concept album and it’s just something interesting about that dark, not necessarily emo in that genre I guess but…I guess it’s hard to explain. It’s just one of those things when I see Evergrey it kind of like (makes “hunh” sound) it gives you like that shiver where it’s dark and it’s, but it’s not emo

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Evergrey – Hymns for the Broken Review

As always, Tom S. Englund sounds amazing, and his vocals are one of the most important aspects of the album. He may not be the best singer technically, but it’s obvious he’s one of those rare singers who feels everything he sings.


Interview with Rikard Zander (Evergrey)(Keyboards)

“We felt we were going in different directions and made the mutual decision that it was time for a change. A few of the guys felt it was not so funny anymore to be part of Evergrey and they also had a project on the side that they wanted to give main focus. Its of course a bit scary to make such a major change and we didn’t have a clue if we could find good replacements.”

Album Reviews

Evergrey – The Glorious Collision

At one point I had ranked Evergrey up there with Kamelot in terms of consistency when it came to album releases, the one difference now was Kamelot has evolved into their style of “dark arts” progressive metal as opposed to Evergrey still keeping the sound they broke out on their strongest album “Recreation Day”.