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Interview with Lordi keyboard player – Hella

An interview with a member of Lordi can always be a little bit unnerving. Do you get the musician or the monster? If the latter, will you find your soul sucked from your body by the time the discussion is complete, to then find yourself back on the street a mindless husk destined to walk the earth for all eternity?

Live Gig Photos

Lordi, Live at the O2 Academy, Islington, London, Sunday April 5th 2015

The monsters are out in force tonight. To be fair, it resembles a normal Sunday night in London but adding to the mayhem are Finnish horror movie aficionados Lordi. Returning to the UK in support of latest release “Scare Force One”, they present a wonderful mash up of Alice Cooper, KISS, classic vintage horror movies and a dash vaudeville theatre


Exclusive Interview with Mr Lordi (Vocals) (Lordi)

LORDI is ready for the release of the sixth studio album “To Beast Or Not To Beast”. The new album is musically the most aggressive LORDI album yet. The seeds of the new approach in LORDI’s music were originally planted and inspired by the technical and brutal way the band’s former drummer Otus played LORDI songs. For the first time in LORDI’s history, Mr. Lordi was not the one who set up the tone of the upcoming material. Amen wrote 3 riffs in the spring of 2011 inspired by late Otus´ drum patterns. Those riffs were to become the musical guidelines of the new album “To Beast Or Not To Beast”.