Live Gig Photos

Stratovarius live at Tavastia-klubi, Helsinki on November 30th, 2013

After the encore was over, the audience raised Stratovarius’s flags and asked the band for more. And they gave them more – there was the second encore closing up the show with the song “Hunting High and Low”, which lyrics might be the band’s motto: “Now I’m leaving my worries behind/Feel the freedom of body and mind/I’m starting my journey, I’m drifting away with the wind, I go”.

Album Reviews

Constantine – Divine Design Review

Something that does set the band apart and make them unique is the interesting vocal style of lead-man Lassi Vääränen, who can sound like a Traditional eighties Metal vocalist one minute, a junior James LaBrie the next and then sound more like a modern Hard Rock vocalist the next.

Album Reviews

Human Temple – Halfway to Heartache Review

The extremely catchy hooks and riffs are dominating all over the place on the bands newest effort “Halfway to Heartache”. Janne’s voice has never sounded better and the guitar work of Risto Tuominen are exquisitely attentive and fresh.

Album Reviews

Merging Flare – Reverence

The more folky anthem engraved in “Carved In Stone” actually works pretty well, and here the vocals sound a lot better due to the more mid level tempo shift as compared to the maniacal assault from the other tunes. The more Judas Priest influences vocals glare with embrace as Kai Hansen guest guitars on this groovy power metal tune.