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Firewind, Manimal & Scar of the Sun Live @ Camden Underworld, 19th February 2017

The new material and the focus for the night sits comfortably with the old and uber guitarst Gus G peels off lick after lick like the consummate professional he is. That doesn’t stop lead singer Henning Basse teasing him with a few glances at his watch as Gus pulls another solo out of the bag.


Interview with Gus G (Guitars) (Gus G, Firewind)

I’ve actually been lucky enough to ask some of my heroes the questions that I wanted. I mean, spending time with Ozzy Osbourne I got to ask him many things. I got to hear all the stories and just sit there and listen to this man tell you about how it was back then and how Ozzy started out and a bunch of questions along that line.

Album Reviews

Outloud – Love Catastrophe

This is possibly better then their debut which was pretty damn glorious if you ask me, a rocking record for Hard Rockers. A great set of tunes not masquerading as anything that is not suppose to be, featuring some illustrious grooves and arena like guitar hooks all over the place. Easily one of the best of they year…