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Interview with Petri and Sami from Ensiferum – Pt 1

Interview by: Karan Dutta I recently had the chance to catch up with Petri and Sami from Ensiferum ahead of their MTV Headbangers Ball show in London on 6 December 2016. Just before they went on, I was invited to their tour bus to have a chat with these gents and boy was it a […]

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Vexillum – Unum Review

It isn’t too common to find a power/folk metal hybrid anymore, but one country that has proven reliable for this style in recent years is Italy. Obviously, the leaders in that field are Elvenking, but over the past few years, up and coming band Vexillum have proven themselves to be quite the force as well. They emerged in 2004 under the name Shadow Vexillum, but never really took off until 2011, when they released their debut The Wandering Notes, which showed a ton of promise.

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Ensiferum – One Man Army Review

During my more experimental phase of trying to further evolve and refine my tastes in various types of metal, I would occasionally struggle with certain genres, until I found that one band that would eventually convince me to dig deeper.

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Lyriel – Skin and Bones Review

As someone who prefers folk metal to either be extremely epic or light and melodic, I think Skin and Bones is an excellent album, and definitely the best I’ve heard by Lyriel so far. Fans of lighter, more melodic folk metal are highly recommended to give it a listen, as it’s a very fun and accessible album, which also features occasional symphonic elements.

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Finntroll, Blackguard and Metsatoll live at Stage 48, NYC on Nov 5th, 2013

“The trolls of Nordic folklore are believed to be dirty creatures of enormous strength and appetite. Their grotesque physique grants them a comic element, although the humor tends to be on the grim side as these nocturne beings hunger for human flesh. Unsurprisingly, this has earned them a rather bad reputation. All things considered, Finntroll are the perfect embodiment of all aforementioned sentiments – although one might want to replace the hunger for human meat with an unquenchable thirst for booze.”

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Suidakra – Eternal Defiance Review

Going in not being overly familiar with their work beyond a handful of songs, I walk away from Suidakra’s new album Eternal Defiance with an increased interest in them, and a better feeling of the folk metal style. Though I may never become a rabid fan of the sound, I can see me checking out more acts, as well as the other work from Suidakra. Fans of the band shouldn’t be disappointed with this release.

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Forefather – Last Of The Line Review

As this album was originally released back in December of 2011, I’m a little bit late with this one, but stay with me folks as it’s definitely worth going back a little bit, just in case you missed out on this gem…