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Spheric Universe Experience – Back Home Review

this is easily their best since Anima, but I’d say it even surpasses that and is their best album to date. It offers up everything fans of the band should expect, with plenty of fantastic, super technical instrumental work, some very heavy riffs, wonderful vocal melodies, strong performances all around, and quite easily their best, most engaging songwriting to date

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Adagio – Life Review

Sometimes, when an album is heavily anticipated and heralded in advance as a spiritual successor to another highly regarded album, it can be hard not to let the hype get the better of you

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The Mars Chronicles – The Mars Chronicles Review

The band is from the beautiful south of France and they make their debut with this same titled album. The included music is superb Progressive Metal in the style of THRESHOLD, SUNCAGED, VANDENPLAS, SEVENTH WONDER, PAGAN’S MIND

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Aesthesia – Shattered Idols Review

I get the comparisons in lead singers Nico Marlyn to that of Axl Rose, but really let’s not even mentioned that because I never thought Axl was that great of singer anyways.

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The Fairchilds – Our Revolution Review

Is no surprise that some of the songs have been built to attract a broad base of fan-base and media, and with that in mind you also have help from producer Jim Lowe who has worked with such acts as Stereophonics, Herbie Hancock and Foo Fighters.

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Veilside – This Time

I am more than impressed by this excellent band, because their mini-CD sounds perfect at all aspects, vocally, instrumental, songwise and also the production/sound quality is top-notch. Despite the 1980s Hair Metal influences, the band does never sound dated or cliché tingled, thanks to some modern touches here and there, so who knows they might become the next big thing in the USA.