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Best Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 2016 Myglobalmind Staff Picks

Another hard rocking year has come to pass and that means more great music has come and gone in 2016. The best part for us writers who get the privilege to listen to a boatload of great music every year is introducing you to our favorite albums throughout the year. This year our staff of writers is sharing […]

Album Reviews

Freedom Call – Beyond Review

It’s time for a new Happy Metal party! The Bavarian Power Metal heroes Freedom Call are back with a new album called “Beyond” and want to show how a Power Metal LP should be done. This time under the motto “back to the roots”. In advance, it was announced that the guys wanted to take a step back to their first records, because of the reactions they got on their last tour. With this review I’ll tell you if they succeeded.

Album Reviews

Freedom Call – Ages Of Light Review

“Ages Of Light” contains 2 CD’s: the first one is the true best of, while the second CD has some very interesting new versions of well-known Freedom Call hits to offer.