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Khymera – Master of Illusions Review

I love it when a good band gets even better. Khymera has shown immense growth and development from its beginnings. Master of Illusion is an album they should be proud of. Perhaps this is the album where the project becomes a band? There are so many outstanding moments on this one, and the chemistry is clear from the performances.

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Harem Scarem – Change the World Review

What can I say about Harem Scarem that I haven’t said a million times already over the last 20 years of being a fan of theirs? Not much, but I’m going to have to find something to say as they have a new album out now. I could blabber on about how they’re one of the best, most consistent melodic rock bands of all-time. I could tell you that they’re one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. I could say that it is a shame they’re not a bigger name than they are. I could say all that (most of which I have said in prior reviews,) but chances are if you’re reading this you probably already know all of this. If you don’t, then get with the program dammit! 2017 saw the release of United, which in my estimation is their best work thus far, so they already had their work cut out for them with a new album.

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Seven Spires – Emerald Seas Review

While the lyrics are a major highlight of the album (both in terms of the overarching concept, as well as some amazing isolated lines on each track) the overall sound is also very impressive. A lot is going on musically, with the use of symphonic arrangements and Adrienne Cowan’s beautiful, yet fierce voice, being the two constant presences throughout.

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Black Swan – Shake the World Review

Only time will tell if Black Swan will rise to the greatness of the best of the best of Super Groups. They’re off to a fantastic start with Shake the World. This is a top-notch album all four members should be proud of. Fans will revel in the high energy, hard-hitting, melodic brilliance of this group and album. I know it is asking a lot to invest your time and energy into a project that may or may not record again, but this is an outstanding album that I think people should give a listen to.

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Jorn – Heavy Rock Radio II: Executing the Classics Review

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Hate Heavy Rock Radio II: Executing the Classics if you must, but not just from a fanboy stance, I thought this was a very entertaining album. Jorn and his band delivered a great product. Of course, I would love to hear some new material from him, and again, I suspect that is coming sooner rather than later. I think cover/tribute albums are a way for an artist to release new music and gives them a chance to pay tribute to songs that influenced them as well as not having to put too much effort into writing a new album. Again, this may be a legit complaint to have, but cut the man some slack. Just be thankful he’s still out there making music and still sounds amazing.

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Blue Oyster Cult – Cult Classics and Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014 Review

Every band in the world is on a quest to write that one song that is such an impact it becomes not just an anthem, but a part of the collective of the Universe. In the history of musical time few bands have been able to achieve that status, where as soon as you hear that song, it immediately projects to a different level of consciousness; songs that as soon as you hear that opening lick or even just the title you know, beyond everything else in your soul that this song is the very definition of legendary, a song that propelled that band to the next level of fame.

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Revolution Saints – Rise Review

There are so many reasons why I am a fan of this project. It’s a powerful trio of some extremely talented guys. Deen Castronovo pounding the skins and laying down some stunning vocals, not hiding similarities to the mighty Steve Perry whose songs Deen performed for many years as a member of Journey

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Spread Eagle – Subway To the Stars Review

Maybe it’s a sacred cow sort of thing. I know that Spread Eagle has long been one of those bands that never quite achieved the level of success as some of their far less deserving peers (they always had better songs) and both of these albums are held in such high regard that nothing was ever going to satisfy the diehard lifelong fans. I feel like the biggest change, outside of being a little darker, is the vocals are a bit different, but you can still tell it is Ray West, he’s just not singing in the same fashion as before.

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The Defiants – Zokusho Review

Seems like yesterday I was giving you the heads up about a brand new band set to take over the scene, The Defiants. Featuring three members of various incarnations of Danger Danger, their debut was a brilliant display of melodic supremacy.