Album Reviews

John Waite – Rough & Tumble

On a brighter note despite the fact that “Mr Wonderful” tame lyrics didn’t grab my attention, the music here is actually more moving then on some of the other tracks.Even though a slower grinding pace pushes “Love’s Goin’ Out Of Style” actually works pretty good as well, both guitar tune and the rhythm lead go hand in hand like bread and butter.

Album Reviews

Ten – Stormwarning

As any fans of the band knows for such classics albums like “Spellbound” and “The Name Of The Rose” are timeless classics in the genre. But as much as the great music has been a key point, the revolving door of line up changes and split ups had laid a foundation of uncertainty over the band for years.

Album Reviews

Allen/Lande – The Showdown

Some sweet keyboards drip forward on the melodic rock track “Maya” with Allen blissfully leading his way on this more laid back tune. You will undoubtedly notice the sound is typically the same as the structural formula doesn’t change much in terms of sound and production.

Album Reviews

Vega – Kiss Of Life

I do have to point out this one thing for what is worth, I think Workman’s vocals in spots sounds just like Bono very eery but if U2 had ever gone AOR/Melodic Rock maybe this is what they would of sounded like?

DVD Reviews

The Poodles – In The Flesh DVD

To charge up interest in this concert Australian director Steve Ravic conducted all personal with each of the band’s members for some behind the scene taste of the band’s unique members. I personally like this part of the DVD set as we get to know the band a bit more up close and personal and is not all about the music.

Album Reviews

Jeff Scott Soto – Live at Firefest 2008

Well now Jeff comes back with another fine live release with Live At Firefest 2008. If you know anything about Soto is that he puts on a great live act every time he hits the big stage. One of the amazing things about this night in Nottingham…

Album Reviews

Nelson – Lightning Strikes Twice

LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE seems to be their best work since the 1990 mega album AFTER THE RAIN and is possibly one of the best AOR albums of 2010. It rocks out a bit and heads toward melodic rock territory, but never enough to make pure AOR fans uneasy and I can’t help but think that this is the album BON JOVI should have released after KEEP THE FAITH…

Album Reviews

Unruly Child – Worlds Collide

The sweet guilty feeling of distrust alarm your ears in an aesthetically pleasing way as this soft ballad hits the spot. The title track features a sonorous ensemble with Free delivering on every verse with sense and conviction, one of the edgier tunes on WC stands as a prime cut.

Album Reviews

Issa – Sign Of Angels

I like the mid rocker tempo of “River of Love” as Issa manages to sound like a young Robin Beck with her brassy vocals once more taking full flight. I like the faster tempo tunes featured here because the European form of Melodic Rock always seem to spike up the adrenaline and with her strong voice it really does spike up the sound and add to the overall feel of each song.