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Rage of Angels – The Devil’s New Tricks review

Rage of Angels sophomore effort is something very special indeed. Whilst the début included a who’s who of melodic rock royalty providing guest vocals on each of the tracks, this is a far stronger more streamlined release that benefits from Rob Moratti being front and centre on each of the 10 tracks on offer.


Interview with Furyon Vocalist, Matt Mitchell

Well, Truth or dare here. Truth wins! We had some great things in the pipelines for us, yeah. We had a very small but hardworking manager who helped so much but couldn’t really hold on and was never really Intending to take it that far.

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Furyon – Gravitas Review

Is hard to initially categorized the band as I said earlier there are commercial strides, elements of progressive metal, post modern and grunge all rolled into one conglomerate melting pot of induced rhythms and groove. The band lays down an interlaced path of hooks and melodies that are hidden in deep in the submersion of the sound