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KISS – Rocks Vegas Blu-Ray Review

KISS still reminds us all that it is okay to be old school, it is fine to still wear make up on stage, and it is perfectly acceptable to try to be a “God of Thunder and Rock and Roll”.

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Kiss – Monster Review

However, I’m not such a blind fan that I can’t see/hear when a band makes a misstep or two musically. I’ve been pretty clear on the fact that I’ve not entirely loved a KISS album since Hot In the Shade, though Carnival of Souls was a pretty good album in that it was a different sound for them. Revenge I found to be pretty good, but there was enough on there to make me not love it entirely (I’m sorry, but I hate the song “Domino,” among others on it) that it’s just not held in high regards as it is for so many other fans.