Red Circuit – Haze of Nemesis Review

In this review I have said that this release is your standard progressive metal fare and that you are not going to get anything you haven’t heard before. But, let me make this perfectly clear, that doesn’t diminish how really good Haze Of Nemesis is. You, the listener, will not be disappointed.

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BABYLON. A.D. – The Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93 Review

It’s been 25 years since Babylon A.D. hit the music scene with their self-titled release. In the two and a half decades that followed they released 2 more studio albums, one live album, and one album that contains songs from the original demo tapes that secured them their first record deal. That album, In The Beginning, was released back in 2006. We haven’t heard anything new from the guys since then. Well, the long wait is over in the form of an E.P. entitled The Lost Sessions, Fresno CA 93.

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