Live Gig Photos

Michael Monroe, Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – Live at the O2 Academy, Islington, 30 October 2019

Monroe’s stage presence is that of a man who permanently has his bits wired to a 12 volt car battery. He jumps, twirls, shouts, yelps, screams and sings in equal measure. He could recite the Encyclopedia Britannica from A through to Z on stage and the fans would still lap up every single word uttered.

Album Reviews

The Order – 1986 Review

THE ORDER aren’t necessarily directly influenced by any particular bands of the era, but 1986 is a great album title because as far as rock and metal goes it certainly was an epic year…one of the best actually…

Album Reviews

Wig Wam – Wall Street Review

Well, once again WALL STREET is a different beast to anything the band has done previously and while some elements of the album work well, overall it just feels as though the band have come too far away from what made them great and have possibly over-reached this time around…

Album Reviews

Summers – 364 Review

Released by: Independent Release Date: Out Now!!! Genre: Hard Rock Links: Line Up: Crash Summers – Lead vocals Ricky Summers – Bass & vocals Jason Sepala – Guitars & vocals Sam Hickling – Guitars & vocals Andy Pope – Drums & vocals Tracklist: 1. Shot In The Dark 2. Superhero 3. Girls 4. Too […]

Album Reviews

Sandra Dee – Visions Of Pain

Sometimes you can’t big afraid of gambling for it, in this case Sandra Dee lost out on what could possibly be. But don’t feel bad because here is your moment to shine from a band that had potential.

Album Reviews

Red Rose – Live The Life You’ve Imagined

The style that the band features is melodic metal in the European vein. The band itself is very new they started only last year and as we speak are currently looking for a big label deal. The group has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Ripper Owens and Sabaton as well.