Live Gig Photos

In This Moment – Live at KOKO, Camden Town, London, March 5 2015

The last concert of the band’s current European tour sees them bringing one of the most theatrical stage shows I think I’ve seen in a long time. Not wanting to be outdone, a large portion of the crowd have dressed up as well. There are spiders, tattoos, leather, boots with soles adding a good six inches to the wearers height and lastly to give the event a truly gothic feel, a guy dressed in a bright yellow banana suit.

Album Reviews

Ancestral Legacy – Terminal Review

At just over 70 minutes, Terminal is a very long album, but it never even begins to overstay its welcome. It’s an excellent gothic/doom metal album which is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys that mixture of styles, and to anyone who enjoys music that can seamlessly transition from calm to chaotic (or do the opposite of that) within seconds.