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Grave Digger – Exhumation: The Early Years Review

After being around for 35 years and counting, and releasing 16 albums, many of which could be considered great, it makes sense for a band like Grave Digger to do a bit of a celebratory look back to their beginnings, which is what we have here with their upcoming release Exhumation – The Early Years.


Interview with Axel “Ironfinger” Ritt (Guitars) (Grave Digger)

he actual line up is the best and strongest line up ever, so I’m pretty sure it will last for a very long time. So many things have changed. The commercial part of our profession went worse because the illegal downloads and Spotify for example, that’s right, but the rest went a lot better than in the early days.

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Grave Digger – Return of the Reaper Review

Love them or hate them, one thing’s for sure: Grave Digger is a truly dedicated band, with a huge passion for pure classic metal. After 34 years and 15 albums, they’re still going strong and they show no signs of quitting any time soon