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Clutch – Psychic Warfare Review

From Sci Fi to Spaghetti Western – ‘Psychic Warfare’ is real! I don’t know if it’s that I have been living under a rock for the last 25 years but I cannot for the life of me, tell you why Clutch never hit my radar. Luckily all is not lost as the band is about to release their 12th, self-produced album through Weathermaker Records ‘Psychic Warfare’.
‘Psychic Warfare’ was the first album in ages that, when it was over, I wanted more.

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Clutch live at The Eagles Ballroom Milwaukee , WI on May 13th, 2015

If you saw the members of Clutch off stage you probably wouldn’t give them a second look. The four Maryland natives look like any other middle aged guys you might run into at the grocery store or see picking up the kids from school, but maybe that’s part of their appeal. There’s no rock star posturing, just high energy music that rocks hard, but never compromises it’s greasy groove.

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Decimatus – Catalyst for Rage Review

PANTERA, LAMB OF GOD and early MACHINE HEAD fans listen up!! The debut album from up and coming Aussie metallers DECIMATUS may well just be the best thing you hear this year. That may be a bold statement, but it is one I am more than willing to stand by.

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Teramaze – Anhedonia Review

with ANHEDONIA they have a stellar album that should find it’s way into plenty of best-of lists come year’s end providing enough people hear about it.

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Testor – Animal Killstinct Review

After more than twenty years of hiding, It seems like Poland’s best kept secret TESTOR are finally ready to take than next step and introduce themselves to the rest of the world. ANIMAL KILLSTINCT (great title BTW) is the band’s fourth studio album and their first international release courtesy of their new record label Killer Metal Records…

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Adrenaline Mob – Omerta Review

Orlando had a collection of songs ready to go for a while, he approached Allen with a concept and idea for the band. Together they joined forces and refined those ideas. Allen then reached out to long-time friend Portnoy to see if he had any interest in playing with them and the rest if history.