Album Reviews

Interview with Klaus Eichstadt (Guitars) (Ugly Kid Joe)

The funny thing about it, to this day every now and then I get a phone call from somebody telling me that they have just heard it on the radio, or in their car or in a club. It is actually still being played, not a lot but its still out there.


Exclusive Interview with Erik Martensson (Eclipse)(Guitars,Vocals)

Exclusive Interview with front man Erik Martensson from the Swedish Melodic Hard Rock band ECLIPSE’s. Tune in as he checks in and talks to Myglobalmind Magazine about the new record “Bleed and Scream” and all things Hard Rock. Enjoy!!!


Interview with Patrick Kennison (Heaven Below)(Vocals, Guitars)

Patrick: We feel we can bring some of the arena bombast that music has been missing for awhile. Even though there are great bands already doing that, we feel our cinematic take on a live show and emphasis on lyrics & production keep it from being cheesy or “bad 80’s-like”.