Guns N’ Roses is up to something?

Hollywood, CALIFORNIA — Talk is talk, and talk is cheap but you can’t help but wonder, what does this mean?



Interview with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thai, Bumblefoot and former Guns N Roses

Besides being creative, being expressive. It doesn’t have to be technical it just has to convey a personality of a real individual. Some-one who truly sounds like themselves and also someone who’s a good songwriter that writes and plays music that you really enjoy

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Tony Harnell & the Wildflowers – Tony Harnell & the Wildflowers Review

Simply put, this is an incredible album for fans of Tony’s, fans of Thal’s, and fans of great music (acoustic or otherwise.) The fact that talent of this level is overlooked by the average consumer makes me sad to even be on the fringe of the music business.

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Slash – Apocalyptic Love Review

The riff work and the solos have a distinctive sound that recalls the APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION era and mixes it with the more modern sleaze rock sounds of bands like BUCKCHERRY…

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Slash – Made in Stoke 24/7/11 Review

I guess the powers to be must of gave a thumbs up for his recent record, because to let Slash hit the road with a new rhythm section and to let a guy like Kennedy, which has a very good voice sing some old rock staples from the Guns period

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Aesthesia – Shattered Idols Review

I get the comparisons in lead singers Nico Marlyn to that of Axl Rose, but really let’s not even mentioned that because I never thought Axl was that great of singer anyways.

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Raygun Rebels – Bring Me Home Review

The band’s sound draws influence from the sunset strip sound of the eighties with some early day GUNS ‘N’ ROSES and some MOTLEY CRUE and even a slight, slight hint of POISON, but where things get interesting is the inclusion of some obvious influence from some seventies rockers like AEROSMITH and NEW YORK DOLLS…