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Firewind, Manimal & Scar of the Sun Live @ Camden Underworld, 19th February 2017

The new material and the focus for the night sits comfortably with the old and uber guitarst Gus G peels off lick after lick like the consummate professional he is. That doesn’t stop lead singer Henning Basse teasing him with a few glances at his watch as Gus pulls another solo out of the bag.

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Gus G – Brand New Revolution Review

While known for his work with Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage and Mystic Prophecy, the wider American audience will probably recognize Gus G for his performance on Ozzy Ozbourne’s 2010 album “Scream.” To me the guitar sounded like second hand Zakk Wylde and it left me unimpressed. But try not to think of that album — Gus’ second solo L.P. is a pretty decent blast of melodic metal.

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Firewind – Few Against Many Review

Every time I hear a song about “dimensions” I can’t stop but to think about Pagan’s Mind, the chorus in this one tune here “Another Dimension” sounds like a song off PM’s catalog, very nicely done. The duet with Apocalyptica on the power ballad “Edge of Dreams’ is hauntingly well a touching guitar solo by Gus. The rest of the repertoire follow the same vain from the rest of the record.

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Nightrage – Insidious

I have to give some mad props for hearing the man Jon K back on the vocals here as guesting in the tracks “Solar Eclipse” and “Emblem of Light”, it had been a long time since I heard him in singing back in the scene, anybody remember Balance of Power and Biomechanical? Been a while.