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Nordic Union – Animalistic Review

The first time I heard the voice of Ronnie Atkins was back in 1984 when I listened to ‘Cold Killer’ from Pretty Maids. No doubt, the guitars impressed but Atkins with his unique voice was a wow moment. In the meantime many years went by and the devastating news of Atkins fighting cancer was a shock for the metal world. The question if there will be some new songs by the iconic singer all of a sudden became irrelevant.

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Dead City Ruins – Shockwave Review

In the end, Dead City Ruins just oozes with groove and feel, attitude and thunder. A big display of patented Hard Rock with enough diveristy in its core to hook you from the beginning. Other than a couple of average tracks midway through, the Aussie crew proves they are possible contenders for one of the new Fresh Faces of the Hard Rock Scene. One you will most definitely have to add to the checkout list of outstanding releases this year. Knock it back to your bag of Rocking goodies!!!

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Revival Black – Under The Light Review

Liverpool’s 5 piece Hard Rocking outfit Revival Black makes a splashing return with their sophomore release “Under The Light” via the label TMR Rock Records. Categorized as New Wave of Classic Rock is a good way to describe the young band. Although enough with labels, the guys seem to imprint their refined sound I reckon to say. The promising Brits bring soul and firepower with their new album, and with an overall crisp production to boot, they are ready to make waves.

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David Readman – Medusa Review

When we speak about outstanding vocalists in Rock, one name that may not slip off people’s tongues is the talented English vocalist David Readman. His vastly underrated catalog would surprise any newcomer not familiar with his work. From his times in the underappreciated Pink Cream (PC69) band; which started in 1995 to his work with Voodoo Circle and even his versatility in the progressive metal project with Adagio. His body of work speaks for itself.

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Iconic – Second Skin Review

Guess if you have a lineup as stunning as this one you get to call the band Iconic. Hence the name. Will the music live up to the name’s sake? For the most part… yes it sure does. This here is classic Melodic Hard Rock that we come to expect from Frontiers and its long repertoire of releases.

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Mirrors Image- Run Through the Night Review

It’s hard to say if Mirrors Image would’ve “made it” had they remained together, gotten signed, and had the chance to show the world what they were capable of. It’s possible that the uniqueness of their music still would’ve left them in the confines of Heavy Metal obscurity. Who is to say? I’m just glad to have been given the chance to have made their musical acquaintance either way.