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Baton Rogue Morgue – High End Of The Season

Yes, simple fact…. I really enjoyed this album and try as I might there really isn’t that much to complain about. Maybe if anything I would have preferred a bit more gusto on the guitar effects and maybe a bit more lower-end on the production in general, but keeping in mind this is self-released project I am more than willing to look over these minor discrepancies and just appreciate the great music to be found in the disc.


Interview with Michael Larsson (Coldspell) (Guitar)

“I been trying it all but since some years back I realized that Les paul is my kind of thing. Live I use Gibson and ESP les paul at the moment and in the studio it was the same, did the rythm git with the Esp Eclipse and solos with Gibson Les Paul. Did the rhythm git with the Peavey 5150 and solos with Engl Savage”

Album Reviews

Stryper – The Covering

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, but wait why would a christian band be covering this song? Because the song kicks ass and so does Stryper. Enough for ya? Good I give them a horns up or down whichever you prefer on the classic UFO cut “Lights Out” featuring a thundering rhythm and bass section

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David Rock Feinstein – Bitten By The Beast

Of course the one track that I was excited about was the one of the last recordings that Dio ever did, just a few months before his passing he delivered the track “Metal Will Never Die” an uplifting metal anthem with reminiscences of some Heaven and Hell material we all come to appreciate.

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Whitesnake – Forevermore

Here it is folks…. The best album of 2011 winner is FOREVERMORE by WHITESNAKE!! “What?” I hear you saying… “But it’s only March, how can he do that?” Well, I guess there’s a possibility of a better album coming along some time this year but man it seems unlikely so for now just stick with me…

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Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl

I do however have a bit of a problem with just how out there some of the material on offer is, and while versatility has always been Bonamassa’s selling point, on DUST BOWL he branches out just a little bit too far on occasion and I would have preferred a couple more straight blues tracks on the disc, but at least Joe has clearly experimented with some different guitars and different effects on the album which is pretty cool and it’s fun to sit and try and spot where he is using different guitars and setups…

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Vivid Circus – Promo

While the band call themselves a hard rock outfit, which to so extent I agree with, they also have a strong leaning toward Dream Theater style progressive metal and even a bit of a NWOBHM influence here and there. This makes for a very interesting concoction, and one that is quite hard to place into a genre…

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Nameless Crime – Modus Operandi

Definitely an eclectic mix of styles and sounds and an interesting premise to base a band around and miraculously enough they actually succeed fairly well here. I do think they sound overall a little bit rough around the edges but that will all be improved with time I’m sure…

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Bobby Harrison – Anthology

This two disc set collects a few tunes from each band Harrison had been a part of and a few solo tracks as well. Most of the tunes are pretty typical classic rock fare with a couple of more funky tunes…