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Hardcore Superstar, Michael Monroe – Live, Camden Electric Ballroom, 16 October 2015

Camden. A name these days associated with Ginger Wildheart such is the amount of time he seems to spend playing here, being involved with bands that also play here and if you play 6 degrees of separation with any act in Camden at any time, it’s highly likely you’ll get to Ginger in under four. Tonight’s headliner, Michael Monroe had Ginger in his band during the writing and touring of Sensory Overdrive. Similarly, Monroe also has Rich Jones in his band who is also a member of the Ginger Wildheart Band. A small world indeed.

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Hardcore Superstar – HCSS Review

The fine purveyors of sleaze rock are back with their tenth studio album. And the good news, the Gothenburg boys, now in their 21st year of existence, are as mean and salacious as always. The madness opens with the bluntly titled Don’t Mean Shit, a demonic cocktail of raw power and fearsome attitude. Jocke Berg’s robust vocals deliver with every note on a song laced with anger.

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Nubian Rose – Mental Revolution review

There’s no reason why the band cannot be mentioned in the same breath as H.E.A.T, Eclipse and other top drawer peers from Sweden. All that remains now is to see them live and that can be done when they return to the UK on February 4th at the Barfly in Camden with Mia Klose.

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Hardcore Superstar – C’mon Take On Me Review

but they can’t keep up this high level with the following stuff. From time to time you feel like you’ve heard this all before, but better. Hardcore Superstar can’t beat their previous record “Split Your Lip”, which was a little highlight for me. Nevertheless I can recommend this album to you if you are a fan of this band or music style. It’s solid fare – no more, no less.