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Slayer – Repentless Review

Dear Slayer,

Member 1235 reporting,

I figured I’d write this to you now that the dust has settled a bit and Repentless is finally in circulation. I know that fans’ letters are usually last if at all these days. I know you’re busy and it’s not like I’m one of those “old school fans” who has been listening to you in the 1980’s.

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Deadlock NCHC – Reverbnation Demo Review

Deadlock NCHC hails from the rural county of Rutherford in NC. The band has been around for a long time now. I remember seeing them live in the late 90’s. Mostly dormant the last couple years, they have returned to the scene and are stronger than ever. I have many fond memories of watching Deadlock play to their adoring fans.

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Coldwar – Pantheist Review

Dublin based band Coldwar are known entity here in Ireland and have landed some heavy weight support slots in there time. I have personally witnessed them go toe to toe with Suffocation and Hail of Bullets and give both bands a run for their money in their home city of Dublin. Home is where they are plied there trade for years and have more than earned a step up to a bigger label and the world stage.

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Pick Your Side – Let Me Show You How Democracy Works Review

LET ME SHOW YOU HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS is hella awesome. Not only do you get a really cool slab of shiny orange vinyl and an inner sleeve full of lyrics but you also get some really, really awesome artwork from none other than the best in the metal artwork business Ed Repka…

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Of Blackest Oceans – Vultures

OF BLACKEST OCEANS are a little different in this regard and their ability to write interesting tunes while still pleasing the moshcore crowd is something that deserves applause….