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Harem Scarem – Change the World Review

What can I say about Harem Scarem that I haven’t said a million times already over the last 20 years of being a fan of theirs? Not much, but I’m going to have to find something to say as they have a new album out now. I could blabber on about how they’re one of the best, most consistent melodic rock bands of all-time. I could tell you that they’re one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. I could say that it is a shame they’re not a bigger name than they are. I could say all that (most of which I have said in prior reviews,) but chances are if you’re reading this you probably already know all of this. If you don’t, then get with the program dammit! 2017 saw the release of United, which in my estimation is their best work thus far, so they already had their work cut out for them with a new album.