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Queensrÿche Live at Mars Music Hall, Huntsville, AL on 25th of February, 2020

Encore comes at you with “No Sanctuary”, “Empire” and “Eyes of a Stranger” again if Tate had a little brother it would probably be Todd. But to be real here, I think Queensrÿche has managed to keep pushing forward in times of separation. We see it all the time when bands split, their famous vocalist leaves now what? You could call it quits, but to find a replacement, and start brewing your own ideas and just bring your sound more current is what was needed in the QR camp, I think most fans will agree with this. 

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Burning Witches – Dance With The Devil Review

Swiss Heavy Metal group Burning Witches are back with their third studio release “Dance With The Devil”. The female quintet has been established as a team of highly talented musicians with their self-titled debut album and “Hexenhammer” of 2018. These ladies have shown they can compose solid old school metal songs inspired by legendary bands of the genre, but on the other hand, they have managed to keep some musical individuality.

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Demons & Wizards – III Review

Twenty years ago, a collaboration occurred that set the Metal world ablaze. More collaboration than supergroup, Demons & Wizards featured the vocals of Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kursh and the guitar of Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer.

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Almanac – Rush Of Death Review

“Rush Of Death” is the third album of Almanac, the project formed in 2015 by Victor Smolski after his departure from Rage, as a continuation of his work with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra. Smolski is known for being a wonderful guitarist, a multi-instrumentalist, a composer and a producer, but also a talented racing driver. The guitar wizard from Belarus is famous for his work on pairing heavy metal and classical music perfectly.

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Ross the Boss – Born of Fire Review

If you loved By Blood Sworn, there’s no reason to not love Born of Fire. There will clearly be an appeal to Manowar fans, but also bands like Judas Priest should find themselves banging their heads to it as well. This is such a capable line up of musicians I hope they stick together. Friedman has aligned himself with some of the strongest musicians in his career, and the strength of the songs proves it.

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The Agonist – Orphans Review

The complexity of sound and the thunderous vocals will impress every fan of evolution, originality and music diversity. “Orphans” is an excellent album, which shows the unique talent of the musicians of the Canadian band into the innovative composition and precise execution of songs which undoubtedly will never let the listener get tired of.

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RAM – The Throne Within Review

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Swedish band RAM and Metal Blade Records presents their new studio album entitled “The Throne Within”.