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First Full Day of Bloodstock Festival 2018, Friday – August 10th, 2018 – Live Report and Photos

  Words: Alan Daly Pics: © Olga Kuzmenko Photography     The first full day of Bloodstock 2018 starts out overcast but dry, as hungover heads come to life around the campsite. We make our way back to the arena to the sound of klaxons summoning the pre-noon risers to the Ronnie James Dio stage where British […]

Album Reviews

Mob Rules – Beast Reborn Review

I find some of the best bands in metal are those who are able to take strong influences from the genre staples, but instead of just imitating them straight up, they find ways to incorporate their own unique touches to help stand out from the pack, mixing together modern and classic elements to create something truly special

Album Reviews

PowerTribe – Prepare for Battle Review

My reviews tend to be a flight of idea-ish. Some people dig it, some perhaps not. Sometimes a band will inadvertently stir up a good old-fashioned rant without even being the target of it, per se.

Album Reviews

Destinia – Metal Souls Review

You’ve got to have some superstar cache if you can call in the talents of Tommy Aldridge, Marco Mendoza, and Rocky Romero to join your band.

Album Reviews

Tad Morose – Chapter X Review

in a year full of surprises, anything can happen, and sure enough, while Chapter X hasn’t blown me away or anything, it has indeed left me entertained and has proven to be the first Tad Morose album I can consistently listen to and enjoy.