HELLOWEEN – New Live Release + New Studio Album + More Live Shows

A very special summer season, not only due to the tropical heat, is slowly coming to an end: Festivals have been rocked so hard that we would’ve been sweating even if mercury hadn’t been on a permanent high.


HELLOWEEN Reveal ‘Pumpkins United’ Single and Lyric Video

Earlier this year German Power Metal legends HELLOWEEN announced that they would be reuniting with former members Kai Hansen (guitar) and Michael Kiske (vocals) for a World Tour

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Trick or… TREATS: Helloween Celebrates 30th with DVD Re-Releases

German power metal pioneers Helloween celebrated their 30th anniversary last year and now their iconic world tour DVD ‘Live On 3 Continents’ celebrates its own anniversary milestone of 10 years. Nuclear Blast will reissue both the Live DVD and albums ‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 3 – The Legacy’ and ‘Gambling With The Devil’ […]

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South Park Festival live in Tampere, Finland Recaps and Highlights

Metal heads might look and sound a bit snobbish sometimes when talking about music but they are definitely much deeper in their dedication than any indie music or hip-hop fans. And they are more willing to accept you in their brotherhood too, if you just share the same passion for music. You can definitely feel it when you come to the festivals like South Park.