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Hibria – Hibria Review

Hibria is a band I’ve had some serious ups and downs with. Most notably, the Brazilians started off strong with their heavily speed metal influenced debut Defying the Rules, a more classic sounding power metal album that left me impressed, while their third album Blind Ride introduced more modern elements and left me with some pretty mixed feelings. Between my disappointment with that album, and news about further lineup changes for their one, I wasn’t terribly excited about the band moving forward at that point.

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Hibria – Silent Revenge Review

Brazilian power metal band Hibria made quite the strong impression with their debut Defying The Rules, a mix of classic power metal and speed metal which showcased some extremely strong technical musicianship, and introduced a band with a ton of promise.

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Hibria – Blind Ride

For some reason Brazilian metal band HIBRIA have remained under a lot of people radars, but that may well be all set to change with their new album BLIND RIDE which is by far the best work the band have ever done and a very worthy addition to the collection of any power metal fans across the globe…