HOUSTON ‘III’ Album Details Revealed

The song writing is familiar but with a fresh twist and additional attitude from the West Coast / AOR loving band. Houston’s new album ‘III’ is a must have for every rocker out there.

Live Gig Photos

HARD ROCK HELL UNITED – Friday 13th March, 2015

Next up are The Poodles from Stockholm, doing an acoustic set in the Dark Circle area at the back of the Mash & Barrell, for those that don’t know the Dark Circle is the exclusive VIP members club of both Hammerfest & Hard Rock Hell.

Live Gig Photos

Houston, LIVE at the Barfly, Camden UK, October 16th, 2014

The set overall has the harmonised, silky smooth feel to it where the keyboards will get as much if not more airtime than the guitarists do. At one point, poor Calle Hammar is asked to turn down his guitar in the monitor so that the keyboards could come forward a bit more. Looking slightly crestfallen he comments “but I was having such a blast…” before getting the sound desk to comply. I suppose that point is the difference between the current batch of Swedish bands out there and Houston