Interview with Luke Appleton (Bass) (Iced Earth, former Fury UK)

Previous Iced Earth members have left for multiple reasons, everyone thinks the main reason behind it all is Jon Schaffer, which I completely disagree on. This band is Jon Schaffer’s baby, he knows a formula that works in this industry and he knows what he wants. A lot of previous members didn’t agree with his decisions, so therefore they parted ways

Live Gig Photos

Volbeat and Iced Earth at Birmingham O2 Arena, UK on October 16th, 2013

“If a band sound as good live, as they do on the CD, they’re all right in my book” and they do sound every bit as good as their albums, if not better live! To sum up Volbeat, these guys are true romantics and this can be heard in their material, which helps them to appeal on a grand scale, but its how they write and perform their love songs that makes Volbeat so unique.

Album Reviews

Iced Earth – Dystopia Review

The Power Metal influence is slightly less than usual but there’s still a really epic feel to the whole album. I’d say the overall vibe here is a bit of mix between METALLICA circa AND JUSTICE FOR ALL and TESTAMENT circa LOW with some IRON MAIDEN thrown in for good measure.