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Kalidia – Frozen Throne Review

I had very little expectations for Frozen Throne, at least until I heard the title track, but it certainly turned out to be a pleasant surprise and is actually one of the best symphonic power metal albums I’ve heard this year.

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Power Quest – Sixth Dimension Review

I wasn’t too excited by Ashley Edison when I first heard him on the title track of Face the Raven, which also appears on this album along with “Coming Home”, but overall I think he does a pretty solid job.

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Mindmaze – Resolve Review

this is by far the band’s most ambitious and most complex work to date, featuring some very complicated arrangements on some of the tracks, as well as their best musicianship to date


Interview with Frederick Thunder (Guitars) ( Neonfly)

it’s hard to say actually because I wrote all those songs – I write all the music and some of the lyrics, Will our singer writes some lyrics too but they’re all kind of like my babies, you know and the thing with Neonfly is we write song that are a bit different, they sound a bit different and to me they all have their own space so I can’t really pick one.

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Neonfly – Strangers in Paradise Review

This is a surprising album in many ways, firstly because I hadn’t heard of the band, secondly because of the quality of the music on offer and also because of the range of styles and influences on display. If you like any of the bands mentioned then I would definitely recommend this album and also if you like melodic rock with a heavier edge then this may well appeal too.

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Vandroya – One Review

Vandroya have delivered one truly unforgettable debut, with a perfect balance of everything I could ask for in a progressive power metal album, with enough speed and epic melodies to please any power metal fan, enough complexity, technical musicianship and creative songwriting to please fans