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Steve Vai on New CD Inviolate – Melody Is Always The Stimulating Factor In Creating Death-Defying Guitar Solos!

Throughout his 40+ year career, Steve Vai has transformed the world of instrumental guitar, something that would seem to be nearly impossible, into a very successful career. From his early beginnings with Frank Zappa’s to his work with the ever-flamboyant David Lee Roth, then back to his exploratory solo work, Steve has continually challenged traditional guitar playing and composition into a mind-altering experience. He has revolutionized guitar playing and has influenced legions of fans and guitarists along the way, something he is very humbled by.


Interview with Marty Friedman (Guitars) (Marty Friedman) ex Megadeth

I believe that Megadeth are in the market for a new guitarist. Has that chapter finally closed for you? You earlier said that you prefer to move forward rather than go back.

Marty “I don’t really have an answer for you, I know that people would want to know. Honestly I don’t have an answer. I have never said never to anything in my life, so who knows? I really don’t know.”

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Kiko Loureiro – Sounds of Innocence Review

Sounds of Innocence” is a record with an interesting concept. Since Kiko is first and foremost, a guitarist, though he has played bass and drums on some of his previous records, his playing is the centerpiece of the record.

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The Dirk Scheuer Softcore Explosion – Nulla Vita Sine Musica

An interesting array of influences are shown in the promo pack, for instance apparently Dirk was influenced by a very and still underrated guitar man, the late Tommy Bolin and I can actually hear some similarities in it’s music for instance on the instrumental, fusion track “Organic Tubes” you can sense a little of the style of playing that Bolin experienced before he joined Deep Purple for that tragic period in time, more loosely resembling his stint in Zephyr.

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Trigon – 2011

For a three piece band there sure seems to be lot going on here, and it’s rare to find an album that really doesn’t need any vocals to get its message across, so I guess in that sense that the album is a resounding success…

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Carlos Lichman – Genocide

The tracks are all heavy metal based once again sounding a bit like a Yngwie Mamlsteen record without any vocals. He combines the backbone of thrash metal with the technical proficiency of progressive metal and adds some pure speed metal for good measure, which leads me to another comparison to the eighties band CACOPHONY..

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Joop Wolters – False Poetry

JOOP WOLTERS’ blend of speedy shredding mixed with jazz fusion and sprinkled with a bit of classical inspired stuff is very easy on the ears and is a guitarist’s wet dream. Seriously, this is one of those albums that you listen to and then decide to hang your guitar up in shame as there is so much technicality here that it just shouldn’t be possible for one man to be so versatile…

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Chaos Conspiracy – Indie Rock Makes Me Sick

It’s quite difficult really to pick out individual songs on this album as it’s really a mixed back that it better listened to all the way through, preferably when your mind is otherwise altered to get the full effect of the oddness that spews its way out of these eleven compositions…