“I’m John from Skillet and I’m here to vent the frustrations of humanity!” John Cooper on Dominion

It’s basically saying, “Hey things aren’t right. Is this where we’re calling it quits, or what can we do to make it right?” I’ve been married for 25 years, this coming March. I want to see people not give up. I want to see people continue to make the choice because love is a choice.

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‘Wired for Sound’ – Interview with Erik Mårtensson of Eclipse

By the time we did ‘Are You Ready To Rock’ we really had the confidence to play the songs and styles we were influenced by. You could hear Rainbow, Whitesnake and others. But with ‘Bleed & Scream’, we also started to sound like Eclipse.  


Interview with John Drake (The Dust Coda) on why Neck Oil and Beavertown Breweries factor in their new album Mojo Skyline

If you want to get a warm-up want to get as a lesson in singing and phrasing and tone and the whole thing, you go and listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, that is where you kind of get some real education even as a male singer, and vice versa