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Belladonna – The Orchestral Album Review

There’s an Italian band called Belladonna (not to be confused with the singer of Anthrax or the Stevie Nicks album or the drug) that have melded orchestrated music with a rock sound without either overpowering the other.

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Hollow Haze – Countdown to Revenge Review

So ‘Countdown To Revenge’ is a solid work, the band slightly changes their music, it becomes less heavy but more symphonic, driven and melodic. This album should be recommended not only to all fans of Fabio Lione and Rhapsody of Fire but for those who like good mix of Progressive, Power and Symphonic Metal.

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Amaze Knight – The Key Review

Any flaws to this record are very hard to point out, because everything is perfect. Perhaps a bit more originality is needed or more up-tempo parts (because I personally like fast music). So it could be considered as almost flawless work. “The Key” is fantastic awesome album. It is extraordinary when some unknown young musicians show such very high level on their debut CD. Definitely it is one of the best debut works I’ve ever heard.

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Profusion – Rewotower Review

Profusion, an Italian band whose name is a combination of the words “progressive” and “fusion”, have done some very interesting things with their second release, “Rewotower”, and have delivered an extremely satisfying, sometimes surprising progressive rock album, with more than its share of twists.