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House of Lords – Precious Metal Review

I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I am a lifelong fan of the music so maybe I’m just biased. House of Lords still remain an excellent source for top notch AOR melodic hard rock


Interview with James Christian (Vocals) (House of Lords, James Christian)

That is really interesting, as a matter of fact Robin is doing a duet with me on the new House Of Lords record which I am currently doing. It is the very first time that we are doing a duet on a House Of Lords record. I wasn’t sure how that would be received, I spoke to a few people who said that it would be great because she has done a lot of backing vocals previously. They are aware of our relationship any way, so I don’t think that the fans would be opposed to it.

Album Reviews

House of Lords – Big Money Review

James Christian’s voice is always solid an on the more soulful rockers “Someday When” and “Searchin'” are some of what you expect from a Lords record, full of attractive and constant kicking melody hooks.