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James LaBrie – I Will Not Break EP Review

James LaBrie really had one hell of a 2013. He released a very good solo record in Impermanent Resonance and DREAM THEATER put out arguably their best album in over a decade. So, fresh off of accolades galore Mr. LaBrie has given the fans a digital EP entitled I Will Not Break, due out on January 14 via InsideOut Music. Featuring bonus tracks, demos, and uhhh…dub step/electro remixes of three songs off of 2010’s Static Impulse it’s a mixed bag of mostly stuff the die-hards already own, but it’s always nice to hear alternate takes in my book.

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Dream Theater – Live at Luna Park DVD Review

These music virtuoso’s shine once more and no matter how much of a burden the life of being in DT had to be for Portnoy after 25 years of the same grind as he pretty much stated he wanted a break from the band and the guys did not want that, is evident to me that they keep on forging forward more stronger then they’ve ever been, and their fan base has only gotten bigger throughout the years. No complaints from me, great package for any Dream Theater fan.

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Dream Theater – Dream Theater Review

As I listened to this album a total of 6 times in a row, numerous things jumped out at men. For starters, John Petrucci is on top of his game. Not that he has been anything other than amazing prior, his playing is on fire on Dream Theater. Between incredibly smoking solo’s to heavy, in-your-face riffs he covers all the bases. The other John of the band, bassist John Myung, is more upfront with his playing than in recent years.

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James Labrie – Impermanent Resonance Review

If Impermanent Resonance and Elements of Persuasion are going to echo each other, then it looks like the new s/t Dream Theater album is going to be incredible as well. And like back then it will be a win-win situation for we the fans. That my friend is great news! I’m glad James Labrie is still able to put out top notch music and perform at the level he is these days. His voice truly is a gift and his music is more than deserving of many accolades. Do yourself a favor and get this album. I’m already looking forward to listening to it again.