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Sons of Apollo Ignite PlayStation Theater in Times Square, NYC May 18, 2018

  Words and Pictures: Robert Cavuoto   Sons of Apollo performed a high octane show at the PlayStation Theater in New York City on Friday, May 18th to support their latest progressive metal masterpiece, Psychotic Symphony. They are a powerhouse group of all-star musicians featuring Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal on guitar, Mike Portnoy on drums, Derek […]

Album Reviews

W.E.T. – Earthrage Review

W.E.T.’s Earthrage is a highly anticipated album for the fans of the band and should be a top desire by fans of melodic hard rock.

Album Reviews

W.E.T. – One Live – In Stockholm Review

Last year the Melodic Rock Allstar-Project W.E.T. came along with one of the best records in this genre. To celebrate the release of “Rise Up” the band played an exclusive show at the Debaser Club in Stockholm, Sweden on January 17th 2013


Exclusive Interview with Jeff Scott Soto (Vocals) (Jeff Scott Soto, Talisman, W.E.T)

Jeff: I’m at a point right now where I wanna rock again as you can tell and duly noted…I want to take it up even further than a notch on my next solo album as well, I want it to be heavier and deeper, I tapped the surface with DC but mixed it with melodic rockers, I think the next one will be a ballsier affair overall.

Album Reviews

W.E.T – Rise Up Review

Maybe a step down in quality songs from their debut but overall is pretty similar substance wise to the first one, and expect that it will be very well received. Is hard trying to capture the same magic as a debut, but if you judge each album by itself and in it’s own context you won’t find much wrong if you got your hands W.E.T. the first time around.


Exclusive Interview with Jeff Scott Soto (Vocals)(Jeff Scott Soto,Talisman,W.E.T)

I did map out how many rockers I needed, how many AOR cuts, etc., but in the end I had more than I bargained for in which it was more about what was better for the completion of it. Thankfully I have such a long history with Frontiers who instead of sticking to the contract and standing their ground about ONLY having 11 songs on the final album, they gave me the respect of releasing the ‘directors cut’ with all 14 songs I felt were the true vision of it.

Album Reviews

Jeff Scott Soto – Damage Control Review

One patented staple you can always expect from Soto is the high soaring choruses he usually taps down perfectly, this new one has plenty of hooks and melodies for every fan to rejoice. Starting things off right is the jolted chorus in the opening tune “Give a Little More”. This one opens the path to another heavy reliance on JSS’s vocals in the title track, this one brings similarities from the W.E.T project with some crunchy harder guitars leading the way