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Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic Review

“Riot” makes some real damage with the anger delivered by the vocals and the imponent drumming. “One Wrong Move” keeps up the great job with the engine at full speed including a slow instrumental part at the verse. “Lip Service” could be considered a more entertaining song with a groove sound, which gives space to the ultimate thrash bullet “The End Of The Lie”.
“Ballistic, Sadistic” is a top-notch thrash metal record, a real joy for the fans of the genre.


Interview with Jeff Waters (Guitars, Vocals) (Annihilator)

Well Set the world on fire” and “King of the Kill”are my two favorite songs to play live, so that’s fun. The ones that I don’t necessarily like playing all the time like “Alison Hell”and maybe a few others you can not really want to play it and not like it.