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Former Rainbow/DIO bassist Jimmy Bain has passed away, dead at 68 according to reports

    Another great rock name has reportedly left us too soon, Jimmy Bain former DIO/Rainbow and currently in Last in Line has passed away according to industry sources. As of this hour this remains an unconfirmed report. If reports are true, Bain was 68 and joins yet another line of high profile passing’s this year along […]

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Last in Line at Limelight 1 in Belfast, August 8th, 2013

When Campbell announced a reunion of the classic era Dio band going back to playing the classic songs on a short tour,it met a mixed response. Fronting the band,was established vocalist Andrew Freeman who had cut his teeth with several veteran bands.The tour was to be brief,and would hit Belfast (Viv’s home) following an initial warm up US date.