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Sunstorm – Road To Hell Review

What’s immediately recognizable with the new album is an extra portion of heaviness that’s added to this album. Not that Sunstorm turned into a harsh metal outlet, but guitars, done by DGM guitarist Simone Mularoni, got more space.


Interview with rock legend and vocalist Joe Lynn Turner Rated X (ex Rainbow and Deep Purple)

Richie was standing by my side and he wanted to finish the second album that we had started. We already had some great tracks of which they used three of them on “The Battle Rages On”They are great tracks but I think that the messages were not so good in my opinion. That’s just my opinion but what really happened was very aware to me. I got frustrated with the whole thing and I quit before I was fired so to speak. I wasn’t really fired I was “let go “because Richie wanted to still hang onto me but the rest was a business deal

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Rated X – Rated X Review

Rated X aren’t doing anything new here. They are by no means reinventing the classic rock wheel. They are just plain and simply doing what they do best. And if you have hopped on the bandwagon and think rock is dead, give this baby a spin, it’s heart is beating rapidly.

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Sunstorm – Emotional Fire Review

Another Michael Bolton tune comes in the shape of “Gina” where Turner contributed background vocals originally; here delivers a nice updated version of the song and comes out a winner, the chorus is addicting and the melodies here are indistinguishable and sustaining, a nice track which makes me wonder why Micheal Bolton got some much flack in the 80’s even though the guy made some really good music.

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The Jan Holberg Project – Sense Of Time

Jan actually landed none other than the AOR master Joe Lynn Turner to lend his amazing vocal talents to the whole album, well minus the two instrumental tracks of course…