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Fates Warning – Long Day Good Night Review

Progressive Metal outfit Fates Warning return with their thirteenth studio album “Long Day Good Night”.The band has released an over 72 minutes new record, which is the longest in their over three decades career and the first one since they have announced their return to Metal Blade Records.

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Fates Warning – A Pleasant Shade of Gray Expanded Review

Fates Warning’s epic A Pleasant Shade of Gray is one of those albums that from the moment I heard it all the way through, and every listen subsequently (and that is numerous,) I loved deeply and immensely. So much about it connected with me on a far deeper level than music listener or fan: it touched my soul, and very few albums have managed to do that with me.

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Armored Saint – Win Hands Down Review

Playing music can be a cruel mistress and overlook the very best and get behind the mediocre. Armored Saint are one of those bands that just didn’t get the push they needed to make sure everyone knew about them and revel in the excellent heavy metal they have put out over the last 30 years. John Bush as you know sang with Anthrax for many years and has one of those voices that would sound good singing a takeaway menu, its unmistakable whether that be with Anthrax, Armored Saint or the collaboration with Long Distance Calling, he puts his stamp on it.

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Motor Sister – Ride Review

Motor Sister are a new group formed with some well known veterans playing straight ahead rock which covers many different styles within the rock genre. The band came about after Jim Wilson the front man from LA band Mother Superior gathered together some friends for a jam through his band’s songs for his 50th birthday.


Interview with Joey Vera Bassist Motor Sister/Armored Saint/Fates Warning

Special Brooklyn, NY Show on February 12th? MOTOR SISTER is comprised of a veritable super group; a team of musicians whose collective musical pedigrees speak for themselves. Mother Superior founder, guitarist, and vocalist Jim Wilson fronts the band, with Anthrax’s Scott Ian on guitar, Pearl Aday on backing vocals, Joey Vera on bass, and John Tempesta on drums.