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Jeff Scott Soto – The Duets Collection Volume 1 Review

Jeff Scott Soto has been going strong for three decades and still has such a powerful voice. Despite the lack of touring due to Covid, which is something he has done most of his career, he has managed to keep himself busy making music, doing online performances with various musicians, and making this album. He truly is one of the unsung heroes of the music world who deserves far more recognition and respect for his talents than he gets. I know with TSO and Sons of Apollo he’s getting his name out there more and more, but his name should be spoken in every household all over the world. As should the folks he has on The Duets Collection Volume 1. Not only does he have amazing singers involved, but his band is incredible as well. Some may scoff at this as just another Hits package retooled under different auspices. Maybe you’re right to a degree, but these performances are brilliant and deserve to be checked out.