Live Gig Photos

Ian Anderson Live at Ramblin Man Fair, July 2015

As I approached the Prog stage about 15 minutes before Ian Anderson was scheduled to perform, an eager audience had already started to assemble creating the biggest crowd the stage had seen so far that day. Following hours of rain, it had dried up at last and we dared to hope it would stay that way.


Interview with Glenn Evans of Nuclear Assault

Nuclear Assault is a metal band from New York City, which was formed by ex-Anthrax bassist Dan Lilker. Since their formation in 1984, they have released five full-length albums and touring throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s. However, in 1995 Nuclear Assault split up. They briefly reunited twice, in 1997 and again in 2002 after which they remained active up until today. We were very fortunate to meet up with drummer, Glen Evans, to have a brief chat.


Interview with Kim Dylla – Far Beyond Vulvatron

Many of us wish we could master one craft in this lifetime. Meet Kim Dylla the multi-talented, super smart and totally fucking funny chick that used to be in GWAR for a sec. Since then, (and even before for, for that matter) she continues to pollute our senses with her awesomeness – even when we didn’t know she was there.