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H.E.A.T – Force Majeure Review

The Swedish Hard Rock sensation that is H.E.A.T is back at it again!!!. I know it has been on many upcoming lists of albums to check out this year for sure. Anticipation has built steadily since the great Erik Grönwall exited the band, and now is Skid Row’s main front man.


H.E.A.T. move UK Tour with Mason Hill and Collateral to 2022 and present Rise (With Kenny Leckremo)

4 albums followed with Erik, countless tours and a stunning reputation as a frontman ensured sold out gigs around the world. But then the unexpected took place and the new guy made way for the original guy and back came Kenny, fitter and healthier than ever and ready to take the crown that was always rightfully his.

Album Reviews

H.E.A.T – Address the Nation Review

But the big, underlying question was…How in the world is the band’s next album going to sound? And would the decision to team up with Erik Gronwall prove to be a resounding success or a stunning failure?