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Ryo Okumoto – The Myth of the Mostrophus Review

The album seemingly ends too quickly, even though the 6 songs are usually misleading on any Prog record since they are usually lengthy numbers, but overall “The Myth of the Mostrophus” is a solid effort from Ryo Okumoto and with the guest lists of season musicians, you have a pretty satisfying piece of music. Obviously geared at prog heads per se, but the music is not overly done and overly produce that takes away from the record. The production is top-notch done once more by a long time Spock’s Beard producer Rich Mouser. Check it out!!!.


“I’m John from Skillet and I’m here to vent the frustrations of humanity!” John Cooper on Dominion

It’s basically saying, “Hey things aren’t right. Is this where we’re calling it quits, or what can we do to make it right?” I’ve been married for 25 years, this coming March. I want to see people not give up. I want to see people continue to make the choice because love is a choice.

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Skillet – Dominion Review

This isn’t a push towards religion or suggesting that you need to find your faith, just simply an album from a band that, through the music they produce, help you find some light in the darkness and right now, that might be just what we need. 


“I’m more of a portrayer of a lyric than a singer in the sense of Lou Gramm or Paul Rodgers” – Joe Elliott on the new Down ‘n Outz release.

I’m well aware that this is a side project, and then as much as I’ll talk myself to death about these projects, we all know it can’t possibly compete with Def Leppard or anything like that. So, it has to be standalone to be taken for what it’s worth, which is, I like to think a great record that will stand up by being played on people’s stereos at home, you know what I mean?