Interview with Killian Khan (Vocals) (Killer Khan)

I had no idea that people were laboring to try to find us. I suppose we weren’t that easy to find since they had been looking for ten years, and it’s funny and coincidental that we had been toying with the idea of doing a new album since October of last year. I thought it was around New Years but my girl friend told me I’ve been messing with this for a whole year now.

But getting back to the “Kill Devil Hills” reissue; I thought it was great that a label would want to re-master and reissue the CD, it’s a great sounding disc and I’m very proud of it, it took a lot of work to make it the great sounding disc that it is. Jamie King did a great job re-mastering it and that’s why I chose him and his studio to record the new album.

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Killer Khan – Kill Devil Hills Review

My writing has given me so much satisfaction in my life. Not necessarily the writing itself, but certainly most of the events leading up to it, and some aspects that have remained with me forever. I have seen some amazing bands, heard some incredible music, and made some wonderful friends in my 43 years of life; made memories I will never forget, and forged relationships that have meant more to me through my love of music than most people will realize