Restive Nation - Coma

Restive Nation release new single “Coma”

‘Coma’ is the lead single from Restive Nation‘s upcoming 2nd EP entitled Lucidum out June 2020. It is the band’s first release featuring Tony Carberry on vocals. The track’s influences are rooted in Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park and Tool. The lyrics revolve around themes of suicidal thoughts and the many masks the victim wears […]

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One Year On – Remembering Chester Bennington

By: Erik De’Viking Photos: Robert Sutton Photography July 20th was the first anniversary of the tragic loss of Chester Bennington, it would also have been the 54th birthday of his good friend Chris Cornell. I never knew Chester personally, but having listened to him in one form or another for 22 years, in many ways it […]

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My Darkest Days – My Darkest Days

Although CHAD KROEGER is involved quite heavily here, MY DARKEST DAYS has musically not much to do with NICKELBACK and actually have somehow an own kinda sound. OK, there’s some similarities to THREE DAYS GRACE here and there, a little DISTURBED as well, sometimes HINDER comes to mind and a lot of 30 SECONDS TO MARS references are notable, but the melodic hooks and choruses are actually straight out of the 1980s New Wave ish Poprocksound…