Live Gig Photos

Wolfsbane, Daxx & Roxane, Live at the Water Rats, London, 12 June 2022

Words & Pictures – Adrian Hextall / MindHex Media  As a spotty faced teenager, I fell in love with the Tamworth terrors that were (and thankfully are once again) Wolfsbane. The four piece, who in 1989 didn’t yet know that their vocalist would go on to become the voice of Iron Maiden during the mid […]

Live Gig Photos

The Professionals, with Rich Ragany / Kit Swing, Live at The Water Rats, London, March 9 2022

Played in London in a small venue like The Water Rats, the show felt like the sort of hot sweaty affair you wish you’d been able to attend as a teenager in the 70s and 80s when gigs were all about bands that put in hard graft with the desire to succeed and make something of themselves.

EMF The 100 Club
Live Gig Photos

EMF, 30th Anniversary Show, The 100 Club, London, December 10 2021

Ian Dench was clearly having a blast, talking about learning to play and how performing in The 100 Club was a dream come true for him given he was on the same stage that The Sex Pistols had played on and it was them, back in the 1970s that inspired him to play.