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Lynch Mob – Rebel Review

George Lynch has been one of the busiest guys in rock of late, so it seems. Aside from producing a cool 4-track instrumental EP, collaborations with Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet and his old Dokken band mates who’s names aren’t Don Dokken. And arguably, my favorite album of the past year, the power trio KXM (Still cannot get that riff from “Rescue Me” out of my head!), we’re rewarded with a new Lynch Mob album to end the summer!

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Sweet/Lynch – Only To Rise Review

Ending on a pulsating note with title track Only to Rise, this song bears all the hallmarks of a relentless jam. Lynchs’ no frills riff work and Tichys’ animalistic skin battering are monstrous. It would be a crying shame if this project was a one off. Sweet and Lynch clearly have a smokin’ hot compatibility. Their energy and enthusiasm are all over this wonderful album.


Interview with George Lynch (Guitars) (Dokken, Lynch Mob, Sweet & Lynch)

And I think that that is kind of the question for at this point is like, “What works best, and is there one way, or multiple ways that could work best, depending on the conditions and the components of this group?” So in Dokken’s case, which is one of the few experiences I’ve had as a model, there was the natural hierarchy, just sort of the way that things work actually.
And there was a more closed hierarchy, which people tend to skew the natural hierarchy to favour themselves against the will of nature so to speak here [chuckles]. So I wonder about that. I think if you take that example as a lesson and you extrapolate that example to a larger world, to other arenas, positions, man versus nature, man versus man, and all this sort of stuff; there’s something you can learn about it and hopefully find a better way to do things. So in my case, I’ve had.. I’d been thinking about this one for a long time. And I’ve always been of the opinion that level playing field is the fairest thing. We have to throw it all into a petri-dish and then allow people to grow according to their own potential and will, right? Without taking anything from anyone else.